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In a world of intensifying competition, success increasingly depends on the ability to develop the right media platforms for the ultimate purposes. It is to this effect that we at Mediatech have devoted much time and effort in diversifying our core cinema advertising business to include a variety of strategic mediums.


This has seen our portfolio grow and expand to include Outdoor media, Out Of Home Media, Mallscape Media, Highly advanced Audio-Visual Media and Online Media.


It is through our extensive network that we embarked on acquiring our range of portfolio and in spearheading the way for developing exciting media platforms.


We pride ourselves in being in the forefront of innovation and in taking steps to be ahead of the times. 
Today, Mediatech is proud to have expanded to exclusively develop exciting and highly engaging media platforms at major developments of Starhill Global, Shaw Organization, CapitaLand & Capitalmalls.


All of which, just affirms our position as the leading Media Marketing Specialist. We are proud of how far we've come and I stand by Mediatech's forte, built on a premise of professionalism, credibility, solid infrastructure, expertise, strong networking & the ability to provide our clients and principals, affording them optimum results.

Lenny See

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